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Redirect customers after booking
Redirect customers after booking

Customize the post-booking experience and track conversions by setting up custom redirects for individual services

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You can automatically redirect customers to another website after they book a service online. 

Custom redirects can be set individually for each service, meaning you can send customers to tailored confirmation pages to make sure they get the best booking experience possible. 

How to add a post-booking redirect to a service

  1. Go to Services from you Zenbooker Admin

  2. Click on a service

  3. Click on the Booking Page section 

  4. Under Confirmation Page, select “Redirect to external site” and then enter the URL you’d like customers to be redirected to after booking

  5. Click Save

URL Parameters Sent to Your Confirmation Page

When Zenbooker redirects customers to your custom confirmation page, it appends the URL with specific query parameters to provide details about the booking. These parameters include:

  • service_name: Name of the booked service (e.g., "Full-Service Junk Removal")

  • service_id: Unique ID associated with the service

  • territory_name: Territory or location where the service is offered (e.g., "Washington")

  • total: Represents the total cost of the service booked, given in the smallest denomination of the currency used. For instance, a value of 100 could mean $1.00, €1.00, £1.00, etc., depending on the currency in context.

  • customer_id: Unique ID of the customer who made the booking

  • booking_session: A unique session ID for that specific booking

  • coupon_code: Any coupon codes applied during the booking (e.g., "save20")

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