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Conversion tracking with online bookings
Conversion tracking with online bookings

Zenbooker can automatically keep track of how customers find your site when they book online

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For jobs scheduled by customers via your Zenbooker hosted booking page, or through an embedded booking widget, Zenbooker will provide you with a summary of conversion details related to the booking.

This summary can include details like:

  • Where your customer was first referred from. E.g Yelp, Google, Facebook, etc.

  • How long they spent on the booking page

  • When they first visited your website, and the referral source

  • UTM parameters

Getting started with conversion tracking on your website

All of Zenbooker's embeddable booking widgets support conversion tracking, through the zenbooker.js tag that's included in the widget code which you add to your pages.

Whenever a customer visits a page on your site that contains the zenbooker.js script tag, Zenbooker will automatically record details about their visit, including the session landing page, source, and how many previous visits to your site they've made.

Since conversion tracking only works on pages where you've added the zenbooker.js script to, it's important you add it to every page on your site if you want to properly track customer acquisition channels.

For example, let's say you've embedded a booking widget on your page at: Any customers who land on from a search engine or link will have that referral source recorded. But if customers first land on your site through a different page that doesn't include the zenbooker.js script—for example, your home page—and then later navigate to , the referral source will show that customer was referred by your own website, which isn't very useful when trying to figure out which marketing channels are most effective.

To avoid this issue of incomplete conversion data, just add the following line of code somewhere before the closing </body> tag to all pages on your website:

!function(){if(window.Zenbooker&&"function"==typeof window.Zenbooker);else{var e=document.createElement("script");e.src="",document.head.appendChild(e)}}();</script>

This code snippet will ensure zenbooker.js is loaded on the page regardless of whether or not the page contains a booking widget.

Viewing conversion info for jobs

To view the conversion details for a job booked online by a customer, just click on the job in your Zenbooker admin, and scroll to the Conversion summary section:

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