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Service categories

Group related services together to make your booking page easier for customer to find the service they're looking for.

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If you have a lot of distinct services, you can simplify your booking flow by grouping related services together into categories.

How to enable service categories

From your Zenbooker admin hub, go to Services, and scroll to the bottom of the page click the toggle to enable Service Categories. You can also turn off service categories using this toggle if you change your mind.

When you enable service categories for the first time, Zenbooker will create an initial category for you and place all of your current services in it.

You can edit the name of this category or even delete it if you decide to move all your services to other categories.

Creating new categories

Once categories are enabled, you can create new categories by clicking the Add Category button at the top of the page.

Editing, rearranging, and deleting categories

To make changes to a service category, click the ••• icon to right of the category's name to see a dropdown of options.

Rearranging services and moving them to different categories

You can edit the display order of services inside categories by dragging and dropping them. You can also move/remove services from categories by dragging and drop them. Simply click the Drag icon (six dots) on the very left of a service to begin dragging it.

Service categories and online booking

Once categories are enabled, you can edit the title and text of your booking page's service category selection step from your Zenbooker admin in Online Booking > Content > Category Selection. 

When booking online, if a customer selects a category that contains more than one service, they will then be able to view the category's services and select one. If the category only has one service, then that service will be automatically selected.

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