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Timeslot Templates
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Timeslot templates in Zenbooker allow you to define custom booking slots for the week. When applied to a service, these templates override a territory's standard operating hours, allowing you to offer customized slots for specific services.


Templates allow you customize the weekly recurring pattern of slots offered for each day of the week.

Editable Slots: Each template can define multiple slots per day, with each slot being individually adjustable.

Mixed Slot Types: Within a single day, some slots can be set as "arrival windows" (a range of time within which the service might start) while others can be "specific times" (a precise start time for the service).

Custom Limit for Slots: Instead of using the territory's default availability mode for every slot, specific slots can have a custom job limit set. This essentially means that for that particular slot, the 'manual' availability calculation method is applied, but with its own custom limit. This feature allows for granular control, enabling certain slots to be more restrictive or lenient than others, based on expected demand or resource availability.

Service-Level Application: After crafting a template, you can designate it to specific services. This ensures that different services can have unique availability patterns, tailored to their respective demands.

Application in Slot Generation

  • When a template is applied to a service, it supersedes the territory's standard operating hours.

  • Each enabled day's slots are processed based on type and other criteria.

  • The system validates each slot's bookability, either based on your territory's availability mode or a slot's specific job limit.

Creating a Timeslot Template

  1. Go to Settings > Availability.

  2. Click "New Timeslot Template".

  3. In the setup modal configure the initial defaults of the template:

    • Set the weekly hours.

    • Select the Timeslot type.

    • Define the arrival window or timeslot interval.

  4. Based on your input, the system generates slots.

  5. Customize by editing, adding, or removing slots.

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