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Embed options overview

There are four ways to embed your Zenbooker Booking Widget inside your website

Updated over a week ago

The four ways to embed the Zenbooker Booking Widget into your website are Inline, Floating Button, Inline Button, and Full Page. Each option is responsive and mobile-friendly.

Inline Embed

The inline embed option allows you to place your booking form on any page of your website by pasting the code. It's good if you want to have your own custom html booking page.

Floating Button Widget

The floating button widget is good if you'd like to include the ability to quickly book appointments on many (or all) of your website's pages. It places a floating button in the lower right-hand corner of every page it's added to.

When someone clicks the floating popup button, it launches a popup inside your website.

Inline Button Widget

Lets you add a button anywhere on your site to launch your booking form as a popup.

Full Page Embed

The full page embed code is all the HTML code you need to embed your booking form on your website that takes up an entire page.

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