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Accept tips with online bookings
Accept tips with online bookings

Allow customers to add a tip when booking online with a credit card

Updated over a week ago

You can enable tipping on your booking page to allow customers to add an optional tip for services that require a credit card.

Enable tipping

  1. From your Zenbooker Admin, go to Settings > Online Payments

  2. Toggle Enable tipping to on

Tipping settings

You can customize the text and description that customers will see when presented with tipping options.

Default amounts
Help give customers an idea of typical tip amounts by adding three default amounts that customers will see.

Note: In addition to the three default tip amounts you specify, customers will also have the option to select None, or enter a custom tip amount.

How tipping options are displayed on the booking page

Viewing and managing tips

  • Tips are added to the job's final price, and aren't taken into account when calculating any taxes

  • Customers will only be prompted to add a tip when using a credit/debit card to book online

If a customer adds a tip when booking online, it will be displayed in the job's invoice section. 


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