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Monitor service quality and collect customer reviews with feedback requests
Monitor service quality and collect customer reviews with feedback requests

Zenbooker can automatically ask your customers to rate their service after a job is marked complete

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With post-job follow-ups, you can easily monitor customer satisfaction with your services. When a job is marked is marked as complete, Zenbooker will email the customer a link to rate to their service. In addition to rating their service, customers can also add comments about their experience.

The results of these customer feedback ratings are emailed to the account admin, and attached to the job,

You can also invite customers who rate their service positively to leave a review for your business on review sites, like Google and Facebook.

How customer feedback collection works

  1. Mark a job Complete in the Zenbooker admin or mobile web app.

  2. If the Job Follow-up email is enabled in your client notification settings, Zenbooker will automatically send the customer an email asking them to rate their service. The email will include a link to your Zenbooker hosted customer feedback form.

  3. The customer rates their service and can optionally add any feedback or comments they have. This rating and the comments they submit are the internal customer feedback that gets attached to the job and emailed to the business owner.

  4. After the customer submits their internal job rating, optionally invite them to rate your business on review sites.

Enabling the post-job feedback request email

In order to collect customer feedback about the quality of their service, you need to have the Job Follow-up email enabled.

  1. Click on the Job Follow-up notification

  2. Make sure the email is turned on

    When the job follow-up email is turned on, Zenbooker will automatically send it to customers whenever a job is marked 'complete'.

    You can also fully customize the content and formatting of the job follow-up email to match your brand by clicking Edit email. Learn more about editing and customizing email notifications.

Customizing your feedback collection form

You can customize the text and labels on your customer feedback form in Settings > Feedback & Reviews.

You can use this customizability to respond to customers who rate their service poorly, by adding a custom message that will be shown if the rating is at or below some number of stars that you set.

To set a custom message that will be shown for unhappy customer ratings:

  1. Go to Settings > Feedback & Reviews.

  2. Scroll down to Feedback submission confirmation.

  3. In the dropdown under Display custom message for ratings that are... select the rating threshold required for the custom message to be shown.

  4. Enter your custom message for ratings meet your criteria. We recommend encouraging customers to contact you to see if there's a way you can make it up to them. Don't forget to include your business phone number in the message if you'd like customers to reach out.

Adding review site links to your feedback form

After a customer submits their internal service rating, you can invite them to rate your business on review sites where you have a business listing.

Supported review sites that you can link to:

  • Google

  • Facebook

  • Nextdoor

  • HomeAdvisor

  • Thumbtack

  • Angi (formerly Angie's List)

  • YellowPages

To get started, go to Settings > Feedback & Reviews, and scroll down to Review sites. Click the Connect button next to the review site you'd like to add, and then fill out the required info.

If service territories are enabled for your account, and your business has multiple listings on the same review site for different locations you operate in, you can specify which listing should be used based on the the service territory the job is located in.

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