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Service provider availability
Service provider availability

Managing when your team members are available for jobs

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In Zenbooker, Service Provider availability refers to the times when a Service Provider can be assigned to jobs. Availability for a Service Provider can be set in two ways:

Weekly Hours

You can set the recurring weekly availability of your Service Providers by selecting the days of the week and times during which they are available to work. This allows your service providers to have a regular schedule, and for you to schedule jobs in advance.

Date overrides

You also have the ability to set ad-hoc availability for specific periods of time on behalf of your Service Providers. This feature allows you to mark providers as available or unavailable for certain dates or date ranges. This is useful for Service Providers who may have vacation or other plans that would make them unavailable for certain dates.

Date overrides are also useful for businesses that use independent contractors or otherwise have a workforce with variable schedules.

Editing availability for a service provider

  1. Go to the Team section in your Zenbooker and select a service provider

  2. In Availability > Custom Availability, click Add Availability

  3. Select the date(s) you wish to assign custom hours for

  4. Select the time ranges the provider will be available for on the selected dates.

  5. Click Save

Note: only users in your organization's account with the role of manager can edit availability for other providers.

Allowing service providers to edit their own availability

Service providers in Zenbooker can now manage their own availability on their phone's web browser or within the mobile web app, ensuring you always have a clear view of your team's schedule.

A service provider editing their availability in the "My Availability" tab of the Zenbooker mobile web app

A service provider editing their availability in the "My Availability" tab of the Zenbooker mobile web app

Note: "Allow this team member to edit their availability" must be turned on in the service provider's profile for them to be able to edit their availability.


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