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Intake Questions

Intake questions allow you to request further information from your clients upon booking using custom fields.

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How intake questions work

Intake questions let you ask optional questions to your customers when they book appointments online. Unlike Service Options, intake questions do not affect the price of a service.

For example, a cleaning company might use an intake question to ask clients booking online whether or not they'll be home at the time of the appointment. ย 

Intake questions are service specific, meaning if you offer multiple services and want to ask the same question (eg. How did you hear about us?) to everyone who books an appointment, you'll need to add that question to each service individually.

Creating an Intake Question

  1. Click on Services on the side navigation bar.

  2. Click on the service you want to add intake questions to, or create a new service.

  3. Select the intake questions tab and then click the New Intake Question button.

4. Select the question type you want to create.

Question Types

Dropdown: Lets the customer choose their answer via a dropdown menu. Useful for multiple choice questions that offer a long (8+) list of possible answers to choose from. Note: for this format you can only have the customer select one final option. To have multiple answers accepted use the one of the other multiple choice question formats.

Multiple Choice: Lets you create a standard multiple choice question. Offers both single selection and multi selection options.

Picture Choice: For questions where you want a picture to accompany the choices presented.

Short Text Answer: For open ended questions that require short answers that are either one or two words long. E.g. company name.

Long Text Answer: For open ended questions that require long answers. E.g. if you want customers to provide a job description.

Color Choice: Allows you to show your customers specific color options they can choose from (in a multiple choice format). Good for businesses that deal with color specification in their day to day, e.g. painters.

Image Upload: For when you want to ask the customer to upload an image.

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