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Service Options or Price Modifiers
Service Options or Price Modifiers

Modifiers give you more control over the price of a service by allowing customers to select options which add to the final cost

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How service modifiers work

Modifiers are groups of options that are presented to customers to let them customize their service. Service modifiers allow you to change the final price and duration of the service depending on the options a customer selects.

For example, a cleaning company may offer a Standard Home Cleaning service which starts at a base price of $20. They could use service modifiers to charge more (and block off more time) for customers depending on how many bedrooms and bathrooms they need to be cleaned.

Additionally, they could use modifiers to offer customers add-ons/upsell options to their service, like window cleaning or laundry.

Service modifiers are service specific, meaning if you offer multiple services and want to offer the same group of service options (eg. Extras) to everyone who books an appointment, you'll need to add those service modifier groups to each service individually.

Adding service modifiers to a service

  1. Go to Services from your dashboard, and click on the service you want to add service modifiers to or create a new service. 

  2. Click on the Service Modifiers section, and tap the New Modifier Group button.

  3. Enter a name for your modifier group, like "Cleaning Service Options". Customers will see this name when selecting their options. You can also enter an optional description to provide more context to the question.

  4.  Click New Option to create as many options as you'd like. Enter the name, price, and duration of each option in the group (note: price and duration are optional fields, you aren't required to set them)

  5. If you want to require customers to select an option from the group, click the button Required at the bottom of the window. Otherwise, customers will be able to book the service without selecting an option if they wish.

  6. You may want to also ask customers if they'd like to add multiple extras to their service at once, rather than one specific choice. In this case, you'll want to click the checkbox Multi-Select to allow multiple options to be selected.

7. Click save.

Remember you can add multiple Service Modifier groups to a single service. Each one acts as a step in the booking process for your customers.

Rearranging, editing, and deleting service modifier groups

Change the order that service modifier questions are shown during the booking process by dragging and dropping them.

To edit a service modifier set, click on the edit button of the service modifier.

To delete a service modifier set, click on the trash can icon next to the service modifier and then click the Delete button in the popup.


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