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How to make a service bookable as a recurring appointment
How to make a service bookable as a recurring appointment

Add Recurring Options to a service to allow clients to book it as a recurring booking.

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Recurring Options allow a service to be booked by a customer as a recurring appointment, and if enabled for a service, are presented to customers during the online booking process.

Recurring options are presented to customers when booking online.

For example, a customer could select to have a cleaning service done weekly, and Zenbooker would automatically create a new job with the service options they selected every week. You can also offer discounts with recurring options to encourage customers to select them.

Adding Recurring Options to a Service

From your Zenbooker dashboard, go to Services, and then select which service you'd like to add recurring options to. 

Click on the Recurring Options section, and then click Add Recurring Option.

This will open a popup where you define your first recurring option for the service. You can add as many recurring options to a service as you want.


Frequency: Choose how often the job will repeat. Frequencies set to repeat on a monthly interval (e.g. every 2 months) will schedule subsequent jobs on the same weekday of the month as the first job in the series. For example, if a recurring job that repeats every 2 months is scheduled to start on the 2nd Monday in January, the next job in the series would be scheduled for the 2nd Monday in March.

Protip: You can select One Time to have an option that allows customers to schedule the service as a one-time job that doesn't repeat.

Name: You can give each recurring option a custom name which is what customers will see when selecting a frequency on the booking page. For example, a recurring option for a cleaning service that repeats every week could be named Weekly Cleaning.

Discount: You can optionally offer a discount for each recurring option to encourage customers to select certain frequencies.

If you choose to offer a discount for a frequency, it will be applied to the appointment's subtotal after all options have been selected. For example, say a service has a base price of $30 and a customer selects an additional $70 of service modifiers - the subtotal would then be $100. If you offer a 20% discount for booking this appointment as a weekly recurring appointment, then the total for each appointment would be $80. 

You can also have the discount begin to apply after a certain number of jobs in the recurring series have happened. For example, a weekly cleaning service with a discount of 20% that applies after the first job; so the first cleaning is full priced but subsequent cleanings would be discounted by 20%.

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