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Price adjustment rules

Dynamically adjust service pricing for specific booking conditions

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Price adjustments rules allow you to increase or decrease the total cost of a service based on things like which service territory the customer is located in, how far in advance the service is scheduled, and the day and start time of the time slot selected.

This gives you the ability to tailor a service's pricing to specific situations and customer needs, for example:

  • For appointments on Saturday, and Sunday that begin between 6:00 AM and 9:00 AM: increase prices 25%

  • For appointments, on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, that begin between 10:30 am - 2:00 pm: decrease prices 5%

  • For appointments located in "West Side Service Territory" : increase prices $15

  • For appointments scheduled with less than 48 hours notice: increase prices 10%

Types of price adjustment rules

Time slot price rules

Adjust pricing based on the day of the week and start time of the job. For example, charging more on your busiest days, or offering a discount for time slots you have trouble filling.

Booking lead time price rules

Adjust pricing based on how far in advance the job is scheduled. For example, charge more for last minute bookings, or offer a discount for booking in advance.

Service territory price rules

Adjust pricing based on which territory the service is booked in. For example, charge more for services booked in more affluent markets, or locations that require more travel time.

How price adjustment rules work

Price adjustment rules can be set to either Increase or Decrease the price of a service by either a fixed amount (e.g. $10) or percent based amount (e.g. 5%).

For percentage based adjustments, the value is calculated based on the total service price, which includes the price of any selected service modifier options.

Multiple price adjustment rules

If you have multiple types of price adjustments rules added to a service, all matching rules will be added to the service's price when customers book online. Any percentage based rules will be added together before being applied to the service's subtotal.

For example, a service territory price adjustment rule that increases prices 15% combined with a time slot price adjustment rule that decreases the price 5%, would result in the the total price being increased by 10% (15%) + (-5%)

How price adjustment rules are presented to customers booking online

Territory based price adjustment rules are applied automatically and invisibly at the start of the booking flow, since Zenbooker checks which territory the customer is located in before it allows them to select a service. This means customers won't be able to know if they're located in a territory with higher or lowers prices.

For time slot and booking lead time based price adjustment rules, the customer will be able to see which slots are premium and cost more, and which slots offer a discount for booking.

How time slot and booking lead time based price adjustment rules are shown to customers booking online.

Adding price adjustment rules to a service

Note: Price adjustment rules are only available on the Zenbooker Professional plan and higher.

  1. Go to Services

  2. Click on a service

  3. Click on Price Adjustment Rules

Click the Add Rule button based on which type of price adjustment rule you wish to create.

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