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Managing hours of operation for your business
Managing hours of operation for your business

Control when customers can schedule services

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As a business owner, managing the hours of operation for your business is essential for ensuring that you're able to offer services to your customers when they need them. In Zenbooker, you have the tools to control when customers can schedule services from your business and set up the hours of operation to best fit your needs.

To set or adjust your business hours first go to the Settings tab on the sidebar and then click Availability.

Hours of operation for service territories

If your account has service territories enabled, you can set custom Weekly Hours and Date Overrides for specific territories. This allows you to set different hours of operation for different regions, making it easier to manage your services across multiple locations.

Weekly Hours: By default, your business hours are set on a weekly basis and are referred to as "Weekly Hours." Weekly Hours are the standard hours of operation for your business, and customers will only be able to schedule services for these hours.

Date Overrides: While Weekly Hours provide a convenient way to set your business hours on a recurring basis, sometimes you may need to temporarily override these hours for specific dates. In Zenbooker, you can create "Date Overrides" which allow you to set custom hours for your business for specific dates. This feature is useful for businesses that have irregular hours or need to close early or open late on certain days.

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